Radio Partnership

We partner with Radio Stations to create a new revenue stream for the stations and a powerful platform to support customer marketing plans and in-store customer engagement.

Training Included

We have an indepth sales training course for your sales staff. No learning curve. Easy to sell, use and manage! We will even come on site to train in person as needed.

New Revenue Stream

Add a new stream of revenue for your stations. While providing a valuable tool for customers. Creates customer stickiness and ongoing revenue after the end of their ad campaigns.


Robust platform ready to go for your advertisers. Complete with sales and marketing materials.

White Labeled

Your customers only see your brands, we support you and the platform.

Integrated Billing Option

Bill with in the platform viw Stripe or Pay-Pal Pro account link. Seemless payment gateway for customers. Tracks everything. Or Bill your customers directly.

Unlimited Client Accounts

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Build a list or import one

Import your current contact list into TextFans to start or begin building on air campaigns. to build lists.

Managed Services

Some clients just want you to handel it. With TextFans it is very easy to do the work for them with our dashboard wizard. Offer your clients managed services. We will provide pricing and guides for the services.

Enhanced Ad Campagins

Add SMS Key words to client ad campaigns to help them build their list. Create off air engagement and conversions to bolster value and overall ROI from the station for advertisers.

Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from U.S. Dollars.

We know Radio and we know SMS.

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Open and Read Rate for SMS
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Click Through Rates
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Return on Investment

Example Use Cases

Advertiser running campaign includes Key word for promotion. Listeners optin to the campaign.

Charge advertisers to send promotions to their list managed by the radio station.

SMS is a sticky service that gives your advertisers another reason to stay in communication with your sales team in order to send out texts to their customers and other SMS campaign updates. Give your sales team continued opportunities to sell upgrades and air time to them.

Build your own list to also offer to advertisers. This list will allow you to offer another add on offering to their campaigns that you can charge a premium for.

You can offer customers the choice between managed account or their own account (that is managed or not). The managed services gives you a new revenue stream and some dependency from the client. The client having their own account and access helps you

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